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Our team can build a branded mobile app your users will love. Get best in class mobile features to help your business grow and engage your customers.

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Features That Help You Grow

Place ordering power in your customers’ hands with our native mobile ordering feature. Increase repeat business with a customizable loyalty program, adding points to your customer’s virtual stamp card for every visit. Keep your business – and app – top of mind with push notifications sent straight to your customers’ phones.

Let Our Experts Do The Heavy Lifting

Our team has built 1,000’s of apps for small businesses. Our experts will build out a solution specific to your needs, creating an experience that is focused on your brand.

Save Time and Money

Bizness Apps’ mobile solutions are built on an advanced platform that hosts thousands of small business apps. Our development team has spent over 7 years building out a powerful system of tools that help small businesses grow.

“Mobile apps for restaurants are one of the best tools for businesses with limited budgets. Apps can improve employee labor costs through mobile ordering, while increasing sales through direct food sales when customers order with an app.”

Chris Ake

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Ongoing Support From Our Team

Our 24/7 customer support team will be with you every step of the way. Nice Reply ranked the Bizness Apps team 1st place in Customer Happiness Awards, receiving the highest average in North America.